Sainte Cézaire Cave

Finally, when it's really hot outside, what could be more tempting than descending into the depths of the Earth? Just 30 minutes from the campsite, on the way to Grasse, in Saint Cézaire Cave the temperature is a constant 15°C summer and winter alike. On a 200 m easy-access trail that's suitable for the whole family, you can take part in an extraordinary journey 40 metres underground, amid spectacular stalactites and star-shaped concretions. In Saint Vallier de Thiey, still around Grasse, a visit to the Grotte de la Baume Obscure, meaning dark cave, will take you on a beautiful and captivating adventure of the senses. Some 60 metres underground, along a trail 700 metres long, you'll be taken in by the sound of water and air whispering through the cracks in the rock.

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